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Office Space Calculator

approximate amount of office space you need. Scroll through the form below and enter the quantity for each space type you need/want to include in your office space.

Click the quantity box to keep the floor plan totals visible. The space calculator will help estimate your office space needs and provide an important piece of information as you begin your search.

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   Space Type  Space Size   #Units  Total Size  
 CEO/Director's Offices 15' x 20' (300 SF)  
 Partner's Offices 15' x 15' (225 SF)  
 Standard Offices 10' x 15' (150 SF)  
 Small Offices 12' x 10' (120 SF)  
 Supervisor Workstation 10' x 10' (100 SF)  
 Standard Cubicle 8' x 6' (48 SF)  
 Small Cubicle 5' x 5' (25 SF)  
 Board Room 15' x 25' (375 SF)  
 Conference Room 15' x 20' (300 SF)  
 Small Meeting Room 15' x 15' (225 SF)  
 Large Reception 20' x 25' (500 SF)  
 Small Reception 15' x 20' (300 SF)  
 Copy Room 15' x 10' (150 SF)  
 Pantry/Break Room 15' x 20' (300 SF)  
 Files/Library 15' x 25' (375 SF)  
+ Circulation Area(30%):   
Total Usable Square Feet:   
+ Add-On Factor(15%):   
Total Estimated Rentable Square Feet: