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SALES SALES: REC will design a comprehensive sales plan that will position your property to its best advantage and target potential users in the marketplace as we examine the benefits of national and local promotion strategies and advise you on suitable approaches. REC knows without proper pricing, you can't realize a fair return. We appreciates the effort required to effect a successful sale and we will devote those efforts on your behalf. Investment property will be successful if returns are maximized through effective leasing policies.

LEASING LEASING: Property leasing requires finding qualified tenants and negotiating the most equitable lease. Sophisticated market knowledge and negotiation skills allow us to match your demands with tenant requirements, so we can secure the most competitive rents and enhance your profits. We're available at all times to show your buildings, and we have a large staff trained in the techniques of door-to-door canvassing. Once a lease commitment is made, we'll be there to insure that your interests are well represented. If you already own property, REC will create and execute a complete marketing program. Screen potential tenants. Negotiate and renew leases. Supervise remodeling. Keep and maintain all records and summaries. If you're planning a new project, REC can develop competitive building standards. Estimate the length of the lease-up period. Project expenses and offset them with appropriate pricing strategy. Assist financing and accelerate close-out by pre-leasing. If your project requires a large anchor tenant, we'll find you one. Our firm offers a full complement of professional services or we can tailor a limited package to address specific needs.

RELOCATION & EXPANSION RELOCATION & EXPANSION: The easiest part of moving your business may be making the decision in the first place. After that you're in for weeks of planning, logistics, and a seemingly endless search for the right space at the best price. A complicated and time-consuming process, yes, but one that REC can simplify because we can do the research for you. Even more important, we can increase your cost efficiency by saving you money through effective, enterprising representation. REC will analyze your present space and current lease. Conduct a comprehensive survey and submit a written report outlining all the acceptable space available, including economical subleases which you might not find on your own. Guide you through an on-site examination of the buildings which offer the most potential. Initiate lease negotiations with counter proposals on your behalf, seeking adjustments on rates and move-in terms and future options. Then we'll follow through on every detail to assure satisfactory closing. We're skilled in competitive bargaining which means REC has the experience to secure commitments and concessions you may not be able to. Whether you're looking for office, industrial or retail facilities, we can provide the accurate, comparative information you need to make a sound decision. When it comes to leasing, you're interested in getting the most for your money.

ACQUISITION ACQUISITION: Whether you're looking for property locally or across the country, we have the resources and the expertise to conduct an effective search and to negotiate on your behalf. Our firm is experienced in meeting the needs of investors as well as the client who intends to occupy a specific parcel or building. And we've been particularly successful satisfying franchisers interested in the purchase of multiple sites. We understand that you have to be presented with all the alternatives in order to make the right decision so REC identifies every opportunity even those not presently on the market. We conduct on-site examinations to refine the list to include only properties with the most potential. Then we compare market value, analyze utilities and access, review zoning. Recommendations are compiled in a comprehensive report to allow you to make informed decisions based on physical zoning, geographic, demographic, and financial considerations. Once you've made a determination, we negotiate the contract and guide closing procedures.

CORPORATE SERVICES CORPORATE SERVICES: REC can offer dedicated consultation to clients who do not find it practical or economical to maintain a comprehensive internal real estate department. The concept is similar to the practice of retaining any other expert counsel. For example, you might call on an independent law firm because you don't have attorneys on staff, or you might seek support when involved in matters that go beyond the specialization of the professionals you do employ. You can utilize the same method to protect your real estate investments and realize significant benefits. REC can supervise land or building acquisition. We can turn excess corporate holdings into profits through sales or lease of surplus property, development, or any combination of these approaches. We can provide effective lease management which will exercise financial control and guarantee efficient operation of scattered properties which you own or lease. In short, our firm will devise and manage a real estate program specifically designed to meet your company's demands. Through this innovative corporate service, we can satisfy all your real estate needs. Or you can delegate individual assignments as the need arises.


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